Executive Staff

CEO: Tammy L. Killin tkillin@ywcasj.org

Discovery Child Care Director: Megan Murray mmurray@ywcasj.org

Finance Director: Mindy Grooms mgrooms@ywcasj.org

Survivor Support Services Director: Wendy Hickman whickman@ywcasj.org

Grants Management Director: Kim Kempf kkempf@ywcasj.org

Human Resources Manager: Megann Evans mevans@ywcasj.org

Family Resources Director: Rachel Kretzer rkretzer@ywcasj.org

Social Justice and Outreach Director: Leslie Stone lstone@ywcasj.org

Volunteer and Outreach Director: Traci McChristy tmcchristy@ywcasj.org

Maintenance Manager: Rodney Myers rmyers@ywcasj.org

Department Coordinators

Healthy Teen Parents/Healthy Babies Coordinator: Nora Petroll npetroll@ywcasj.org

Housing Manager: Regina Shelton rshelton@ywcasj.org

Administration Teams Specialist: Stephanie Shaline sshaline@ywcasj.org

GRIT Center Manager: Prent Eaton peaton@ywcasj.org

Crisis Services Manager: Emily Bravo ebravo@ywcasj.org

Shelter Manager: Dawn Berryman dberryman@ywcasj.org

Board of Directors

Tammy Killin, President

Angela Williams-Crane, Chair

Melissa Chesnut, Vice-Chair

Amy Cloud, Secretary

Julie Walker, Treasurer

Holly Black

Jennifer Brown

Laura Buhman

Andrea Cole

Carole Dunn

Veronica Hupp

Nyajuok Khan

Zulima Lugo-Knapp

Brandi Lutz

Melissa Mace

Sara Markt

Cassy Moppin

Amy Voltz

Ann Weston

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