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Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer: Danielle Brown

Chief Financial Officer: Kelly Mattice

Discovery Child Care Director: Precious Pipe

Survivor Support Services Director: Jeré Levingston

Human Resources Director: Melissa Peter

Volunteer and Outreach Director: Traci McChristy

Department Coordinators

Healthy Teen Parents/Healthy Babies Coordinator: Lona Morgan

Housing Manager: Dawn Berryman

Community Support Manager: Stephanie Shaline

Shelter Manager: Cari Jo Mitchell

Board of Directors

Danielle Brown, President

Angela Williams-Crane, Chair

Becky Boyles, Vice-Chair

Ann Weston, Secretary

Michelle Clark, Treasurer

Laura Buhman

Reba Carpenter

Julie Cobb

Lara Gilpin

Heidi LaFave

Brandi Lutz

Jay Martin

Jamie Noble

Peyton Santana Castro

Cassy Thornton

Amy Voltz

Make A Difference

YWCA St Joseph

United Way

YWCA St. Joseph · 304 N. 8th Street · St. Joseph, MO 64501

Phone: 816-232-4481 · Hotline: 816-232-1225 / 800-653-1477

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