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Room Rentals –

The next time your group, club, or organization needs a place to meet, consider the options at the YWCA St. Joseph! We have facilities to accommodate groups from two to 220. Much of the charm of our 1915 building has been preserved and integrated into our renovated meeting facilities.

To reserve a room, contact us at 816-232-4481 or

The YWCA rents space for:

-Club Meetings                              -Business Meetings

-Dinners                                            -Retreats

-Wedding Showers                       -Baby Showers

-Weddings                                        -Anniversaries

-Team Practice                                -Lock-Ins

-Reunions                                         -Birthday Parties

-Recitals                                            -Plays/Performances

South Parlor

This room rents for $15 per hour for up to 20 people. No food is allowed in this room.

South Parlor

Terrace Room

Terrace Room

Our Terrace Room offers comfortable seating for up to 130 guests at either round or rectangular tables. Original molding and beautiful accents make this an ideal room for wedding receptions, parties, baby showers, dinners, and meetings of all kinds.

Rental costs are $50 per hour for the first three hours and $25 per hour for additional hours, and require a $50 damage deposit.



The auditorium features a stage with lighting and curtain, piano, and original architectural details.

The auditorium rents for $40 per hour. No food is allowed, but the buffet room may be rented for refreshments.




A 3/4 basketball court with refinished hardwood flooring provides the perfect place for birthday parties, team practices, teen dances, and more. This is also a great space to use for youth lock-ins! Rental price is $10 per hour.



Buffet Room

Buffet Room

The Buffet Room features a nice size table, counter space, refrigerator, and microwave for refreshments. Rental price is $25 per hour.



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