Throughout our 130-year history, we’ve built a legacy of helping women and families and building a community that shares in our mission. If you share in these beliefs, we welcome you to contact us to use your talents as a volunteer and as an advocate for our work.

Our Mission:

YWCA St. Joseph is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Our Vision:

Embraced by a community that has become intolerant of violence and disparities, the YWCA St. Joseph is the anchor institution for improving the lives of women and, in turn, enhancing the future for children and our community.

Our Core Values:

Compassion: Serving all individuals with empathy, kindness and a sincere desire to help.

Integrity: Committing to honesty, fairness, and adherence to moral and ethical principles in all of our actions with those we support and those who support us.

Responsiveness: Acting positively to meet the changing needs of our community and of those in need.

Accountability: Having an obligation to operate transparently and to answer to our constituents, funders and community.

Courage: Speaking up and taking action for equality and empowerment despite opposition and obstacles.

The YWCA St. Joseph, along with all the YWCA’s across the nation, continues to work toward the elimination of racism in our country – click here to read about our most recent program,  the ‘Day of Commitment.’

Got Five Minutes? Here’s a Simple Way You Can Support the YWCA’s Efforts to Prevent Child Abuse. Read more here.


Policeman at Stand Against Racism event

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“I learned that I have support and that I do have value and right to choose not to accept the abuse.”
~ YWCA Client
“I received a lot of help here with getting a fresh start in life.”
~ YWCA Client
“I am so thankful that they provided a place for me and my child to stay. Everyone was really nice and helpful.”
~ YWCA Client