ENCOREplus provides free breast cancer awareness and education information to all women across Northwest Missouri and helps them locate financial assistance and resources for mammograms.

The program was created to help save women’s lives by empowering them to become active and responsible participants in their own health maintenance and care, while stressing the importance of the early detection of breast cancer. Last year, more than 2,000 women received critical breast health information and resources. With ENCOREplus, we support women in their healthcare journey by encouraging maintenance and stressing the importance of early detection and prevention. Services are provided in both English and Spanish.


ENCOREplus Provides:

·          Free group and/or one-on-one sessions to at-risk women; at businesses, churches, organizations, and community events.

·         Referrals to mammograms; resources for financial aid of mammograms.

·         Free transportation on the day of the exam; if applicable.

·         Free gift for those women who get their mammograms and contact our office.

Call Samantha Fidler-Newby at 816-232-4481 or email sfidlernewby@ywcasj.org for more information about the ENCOREplus program and services we provide.

For more information click here for English or Spanish.

For Spanish services please call 816-273-6665.

English Form

Spanish Form

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

“Tienes una mano amiga cuenta con migo en tu lucha contra el cancer.” –Griselda

“I am a survivor! Early detection saved my life.” –Sandy

“Never ever give up! You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are strong.” –Jaycee

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the outreach and help of ENCORE.” –Jacinta

“I never knew the YWCA had such a program and never knew I could turn to them in my time of need.” – Claudia