At the YWCA St. Joseph, we’re committed to fresh starts. If a woman and her family who are living in an environment of abuse or homelessness can make a new start with quality and supported transitional housing, they have a strong chance of moving forward into a stable future.

In addition to transitional housing, the YWCA St. Joseph also provides permanent, supportive housing to homeless women and their children who have a documented physical or mental disability. With long-term housing and support, these women have the opportunity to achieve residential stability and break the cycle of homelessness.

Introducing Bliss Manor Transitional Housing:

The YWCA has recently acquired an apartment building in St. Joseph to use as transitional housing for victims, called Bliss Manor. Many women and children who stay in our shelter have a difficult time securing employment and safe housing in the 60-90 day timeframe temporary emergency shelter provides. Our transitional housing service provides a place for women to begin the process of gaining self-sufficiency in a supportive atmosphere over a one to two year period of time.

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“I was only here for a few days, but I knew I was safe and knew these people could be trusted.”
~ YWCA Client, 2013
“I’m very grateful I was able to say here! Everyone is so supportive and helpful.”
~ YWCA Client, 2013
“Friendly – enjoyed my stay – staff was excellent. Thank you.”
~ YWCA Client, 2013