In 1913, a handful of brave and committed women went door to door in a horse and buggy to raise the $150,000 needed for the construction of the current YWCA St. Joseph building at 8th and Jules in Downtown St. Joseph, Mo. They achieved their fundraising goal in just 14 days – and this spirit of success still guides our growth today.

As we grow, we are reminded that each woman has a different story and different needs. The solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and we often have to go the extra mile to find them. Their suffering is real and intense; so, too, must be our solutions.

We aren’t just about action; we’re also about creating positive change, stability, hope and new opportunities for families’ futures. We are about helping women realize that they are able to leave a legacy of strength for their children.

How does the YWCA make this happen? With the support of dedicated staff members, volunteers, a Board of Directors, Members and Partners in Action, we offer services and resources including:

  • Shelter to homeless or abused women and children
  • Long-term housing solutions for survivors
  • Crisis care to victims of rape and abuse
  • Parenting education and mentoring to young and single mothers
  • Quality childcare at an affordable cost so families can maintain meaningful employment
  • Opportunities for women to gain entrepreneurial skills and reach new goals
  • Breast cancer awareness and screening
  • Hundreds of hours of trained volunteer service throughout the community

We’re still dreaming big. Each year, more than 500 women read and share about each of our programs and the ways they impact families.

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Last year the YWCA Shelter averaged 46 people per day (maximum capacity is 45 beds).
In 2017 there were 16,880 nights spent at the shelter by 229 women and 185 children.
2,102 calls were received to the YWCA Crisis Hotline.
The YWCA Victim Services Outreach Team provided 1,769 individual therapy sessions in 2017.