The Benefits of Child Care for Working Families

Here’s Why the YWCA of St. Joseph Offers Child Care for Working Families

child careWhen quality child care is available, parents are able to go to work or school while the child receives important nurturing and education in a positive, loving environment. In a low-income family, the availability of child care for working families gains even more importance. It strengthens their economic stability while providing high-quality care and support for the child’s development.

Some of the benefits of providing child care for working families include:

It helps single moms stay employed. Single moms tend to be more likely to be employed, and are more likely to be employed full-time when they received a subsidy for child care. When compared to single moms that did not receive assistance, these moms were able to work an average of 9.4 hours more.

Those that have dependable child care also tend to be able to stay in stable employment on an ongoing basis. Reliable child care for working mothers means that there are fewer interruptions in work days that can lead to employment problems.

It gives children an environment where they can thrive. When parents fare better economically, it is beneficial to children. Kids growing up in an environmentally stable home demonstrate better social and emotional well-being.

Early education and high-quality child care benefits all children. Subsidies make child care more accessible for low-income families.

The YWCA of St. Joseph provides the Discovery Child Care program to families that are employed or boosting their education with employment in mind. Discovery Child Care is available Monday through Friday, from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, beginning with infants six weeks of age until they enter Kindergarten.

Discovery Child Care is staffed with experienced, trained staff, and offers a variety of learning environments, including a playground and other resources. Through the Discovery Child Care program, the YWCA of St. Joseph accepts both private payment and, for families that qualify, state payment.

The Discovery Child Care program offers high-quality child care for working mothers, filling a necessary gap for many families needing access to affordable child care.

To learn more about Discovery Child Care, stop by the YWCA of St. Joseph or give us a call. We look forward to visiting with you and meeting your child.

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