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The St. Joseph YWCA Celebrates Freedom Every Day

The St. Joseph YWCA Celebrates Freedom Every Day

How Independence Day Embodies the Core Values of Our St. Joseph YWCA

It’s time for the Fourth of July; time for celebrating freedom and independence. A time to pause from your regular routine and give thanks for life in a country where individuals can dream, work and achieve without fear of reprisal. Over the course of the nation’s history, freedom has come in varying degrees to its citizens – but it remains the communal prize a nation is reaching toward. At the St. Joseph YWCA we have been working for over a century to help all people, especially women, realize this freedom we hold so dear.

Since 1888, the YWCA has been striving to promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. This vision drives everything we do and has from the very start. We are an organization started by women in order to improve the lives of women in our community. By serving the needs of women, we also positively impact the culture for the next generation.

More than 128 years ago a handful of women decided it was up to them to help women in need. Although they didn’t enjoy full rights themselves (women still could not vote in 1888), those women rolled up their sleeves and got busy working to improve conditions for at-risk women. That is how the St. Joseph YWCA was born and it remains core to what we are about to this very day.

At the YWCA we believe every woman has value. We believe every woman deserves a fresh chance to work toward her potential. We agree with William Hazlitt who said “The love of liberty is the love of others…” Love expresses itself in action and at the YWCA we are very active in our pursuit of dignity and freedom and the elimination of racism.
Peter Marshall said that true freedom is to be “free to do what is right”. We believe it is right that all women be treated equal regardless of age, race or ethnicity. We believe it is right to help women and men who’ve been oppressed by abuse to find space to heal and believe again in themselves and their ability to overcome. We celebrate the freedom to do what is right each and every day. And on the Fourth of July, we celebrate even more.

A former U.S. President has said that “the wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom.” Won’t you help advance freedom by supporting the work of the St. Joseph YWCA? Freedom from abuse. Freedom from fear. Freedom from racism and bigotry. Freedom to dream and achieve. Freedom to live independently. These are freedoms all Americans hold dear and they are what we work for. We celebrate freedom each and every day. Happy Independence Day from your St. Joseph YWCA.

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The YWCA is On A Mission in 2016:

The YWCA is On A Mission in 2016:

New YWCA Brand Campaign Aims to Spotlight the Organization’s Important Social Role

The YWCA has been serving communities for more than 150 years, and in 2016, the organization wants to make sure that this work is not forgotten. In 2016, the organization is making an across-the-board push to reintroduce itself to the American public through its On A Mission strategy. Here are some key messages to read and share:

The YWCA is Bigger Than You Think

The YWCA is in more places doing more things than you may realize. The YWCA has offices in 120 countries serving millions of women and young girls. The organization helps 2 million women and girls each year in the U.S. alone through its 225 local chapters. The scope of the work being done through the YWCA makes it one of the largest charitable organizations in the country.

More Involved Than You Think

While the YWCA focuses its efforts mainly on helping women and children, that commitment has led it to become involved in more social issues also. The organization has had a part to play in crucial social changes such as affordable housing, voting rights, equal pay for equal work, prevention of violence and equal access to healthcare. The YWCA has been in the trenches supporting the needs and rights of diverse women and families for more than a century. (And they’re still going strong).

More Needed Than You Think

Unless you’ve been involved first hand, you may be unaware of how necessary YWCA services are on a day-to-day basis. For instance, did you realize that 25 percent of all women experience the domestic violence? Many of these victims say they feel stuck in situations of abuse and violence because they literally have nowhere else to go. The YWCA not only provides immediate housing for women and children, but also plays an active role in the community in working to prevent violence.

The YWCA believes in empowering women. This role includes offering resources like quality childcare so women can enhance their education toward employment. Job training programs offer additional opportunities for bright futures, along with numerous additional initiatives. It can be easy to overlook how needed this kind of community support truly is, and this year, the YWCA wants to remind you.

The YWCA is proud of its history, and the “On a Mission” campaign is designed to highlight the organization’s critical role in so many communities and families. Today, share this information or reach out to YWCA of St. Joseph to get involved. You’re invited to be part of the YWCA’s great story.

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