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Have You Taken a Moment to Celebrate the Women of Excellence in Your Life?

Have You Taken a Moment to Celebrate the Women of Excellence in Your Life?

Inspiring Characteristics of Women of Excellence

It’s good to pause from time to time and think about the people who’ve been especially influential in your own life. It’s also important to take time to recognize those who positively impact a community across their role as volunteer, friend, coworker, parent and leader. As the YWCA St. Joseph celebrates 15 years of the Women of Excellence Awards Luncheon program on June 16, 2016, it’s a good opportunity to consider the hallmarks of women with influence. Here are a few common traits found among women of excellence:

Since no life, goal or pursuit worth following can be had without some obstacles it frequently becomes a matter of persistence to make goals become reality. A woman of excellence is not a woman who never stumbles, but she is one who keeps pushing ahead and perseveres through challenges.

Pursuing a Passion
It’s easier to stay the course when your goal is something you truly believe in. Being a woman of influence and excellence comes naturally when you are focused on and pursuing your passion. Passion is inspiring and can be infectious, and many nominees across the Women of Excellence program share a passion for a cause – such as helping children and families or becoming a role model at their workplace.

Positive Attitude
Women of excellence know how to remain optimistic even in the face of setbacks. Positivity isn’t intentional blindness to problems, but it’s a determination to believe that problems have solutions.

Keeping it Real
Women who impact others are women who know how to keep things real. Sometimes this can be done with humor and sometimes it’s accomplished with a roll-up-your-sleeves and get the job done attitude. People are drawn to those who admit their errors, can laugh at themselves and deal with others honestly.

Sharing Confidence
Tapping into confidence is a powerful leadership tool. Women of excellence aren’t looking around for someone else to do what needs to be done. They step in and believe that they can do it. Leaders with influence believe in the power of a single person to make a difference – but they’re also willing to share this influence with those around them so that positive changes can be carried forward (even without their presence).

Who has been a woman of influence and excellence in your life? What have you learned from them? Women who are making a difference right here in St. Joseph and the surrounding areas will be honored at the annual YWCA Women of Excellence Awards Luncheon in June. Women in all kinds of roles will be recognized as making an impact and inspiring others. It’s good to recognize their contributions, and it’s even better to become inspired to make your own life one that impacts others in positive ways. If you’re looking for a place to make a difference, contact the YWCA and find out how your talents and passions can become even more impactful.

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