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The YWCA St. Joseph Celebrates Women’s Leadership

Women’s Leadership Highlighted at Women of Excellence

Women’s leadership, service and volunteerism has allowed for the furthering of knowledge, technological developments and thought progression that provides for a thriving society. Women’s leadership has and is increasingly making a difference in politics, science, the arts, business and volunteerism. As awareness of women’s contributions is spread, the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of women in our community allows an opportunity to look back and clearly see the roles that women have played in a variety of important areas.

The recognition of women’s leadership is not only about looking back in history, because the momentum has continued to increase. Each year, women are recognized for their recent acts of leadership, scholarship and volunteerism that offer society a look at how progress should proceed.

At the local level, communities take time to honor women that are furthering the advancement of society and mobilizing forces of progress in the area. In the St. Joseph area, the annual Women of Excellence event is a valuable opportunity to pay tribute to the contributions from local women.

This much-anticipated event – the annual Women of Excellence Awards Luncheon – is scheduled for Thursday, June 21, 2018, at the Civic Arena in downtown St. Joseph. All nominees are honored at a reception on May 2 at the YWCA at 5 p.m., then all nominees are invited to the awards luncheon on June 21.

Nominees (and attendees!) are recognized for:

  • Work or volunteerism in the St. Joseph area, while demonstrating sustained excellence or creativity
  • Offering considerable contributions to their field of work or volunteerism
  • Promoting positive attitudes and high morale in their work or volunteerism

To learn about ways to get involved with Women of Excellence, call the YWCA. Individual/small group reservations and tables of 10 guests, as well as sponsorships, are available for the Women of Excellence Awards Luncheon here. Don’t miss the 2018 Women of Excellence Event featuring speaker Dr. Kelly Griffith-Bauer, MD, St. Joseph native and 1996 Central High School graduate.

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Women in Leadership Are Making a Difference in the Community

Women in Leadership Are Making a Difference in the Community

Three Common Traits Leaders Share

A leader doesn’t always wear a recognizable title. They do, however, wear a recognizable character. They are passionate and active. They take action in order to see community issues resolved. These leaders can be male or female, young or old, employed or volunteers. Women in leadership roles are making a difference in our community every day, and here are a few important keys about leadership as we approach the 15 anniversary event of the Women of Excellence Awards Luncheon on June 16, 2016.

Leading Requires Action (not Perfection)
Some people may shy away from stepping forward because they feel inadequate to lead. Nonetheless, history is full of tales of those who took action because they cared, not because they felt prepared. You may not feel equally passionate about every issue, but there is probably some issue that evokes an emotional response inside you. That issue likely concerns others, too, but they are waiting for someone to spearhead a response. There are women in leadership positions on many issues who are considered leaders not because they started out as experts, but because they were dedicated to seeing a problem resolved.

Leading Requires Identifying Issues
You can lead from anywhere. You can be the one who identifies and articulates a concern and then builds a team to address that concern. That means school teachers can inspire parents and fellow-teachers. Volunteers can advocate and work for change. Mothers can ignite other moms to action. Employees can affect the workplace or how the company interacts with the community. Leadership often happens right where you are.

Leading Requires Learning as You go
Some people are natural leaders but many people learn to lead as they go. That means that you may not know much about it when you start out, and you may fumble a few things along the way. Don’t hesitate to do something because you don’t want to make mistakes. People are waiting for someone to help them make a difference. Women in leadership are women who acknowledge that problem-solving will require learning along the way.

Here in St. Joseph women are making a difference in every part of the community. Every year in June, the YWCA takes time to recognize and honor some of those women. The Women of Excellence Luncheon on June 16 at the Civic Arena is our way of saluting women in leadership and, hopefully, inspiring more women to step out and lead the way in their own unique sphere. We invite you to come and join us this year for this memorable event. Learn more at

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