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The Important Role of Supported Housing

Supported Housing Helps Families Transition to a Brighter Future

crisis shelterIf you’ve never had a need for supported housing, you may not know much about it. You may even wonder who uses it, and why. After all, supported housing is one of those things that you may never notice…until you need it.

Shelters for women and children play an important role in the community, allowing families that have experienced a trauma related to domestic violence or other difficulties, to transition to a new life. Many women may begin this transition in a shelter, such as the YWCA Shelter, and then later shift to supported housing. The Shelter offers immediate relief from a dangerous situation, but it also begins the journey to services they need to begin to rebuild their lives – many of which are found in supported housing. Here are a few of the important functions that supported housing provides:

A safe place: Supported housing offers a safe place to plan next steps away from violence, as well as an environment where women and children can recover from emotional and physical damage. They have an opportunity to rebuild their self-esteem and gain confidence as they mark a turning point in their lives where they have sought out help.

Access to resources: Supported housing environments, like the YWCA’s Bliss Manor, can help victims of domestic violence help in the transition back into a long-term independent lifestyle. They may offer individual therapy or group counseling, information about education or job skills training, assistance with logistics and many more resources toward a new start.

The idea that there is help available: An important role of supported housing is that it introduces the idea to victims that there’s an alternative to the suffering they are enduring. Through supported housing, families can take small steps every day with the help of professional resources – as well as other families who have experienced the same journey.

A voice for hope: Supported housing is closely linked to other services designed to aid women in crisis, such as rape crisis centers, sexual abuse hotlines and other resources. These social services often work together to promote healing and hope, accomplishing success together.

Today, read more about the YWCA Shelter and Bliss Manor – and then share this information with friends and co-workers. Together, we can connect more women and their children with the hope they need for a fresh start, free of violence and fear.

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Victims of Domestic Violence Find Space to Regroup in Supported Housing

Victims of Domestic Violence Find Space to Regroup in Supported Housing

Bliss Manor Supported Housing Helps Women and Children Find a New Start

Homes where domestic violence occurs can be chaotic in many ways. Not only is personal safety uncertain, but many times things like income, food and utilities can be erratic as well. At Bliss Manor we help women and children looking to escape domestic violence by providing a safe, consistent home. Supported housing provides space for victims of domestic violence to find needed employment and the chance to find permanent housing for a new future. Supported housing offers the answer to a critical challenge facing women who are homeless or are escaping domestic abuse, meeting their needs for safe, supportive transitional living space.

Finding Hope for a Better Future

Creating a new future can seem daunting for anyone, but when a person has been living under extreme stress for extended periods of time, finding hope that things can be different can be especially challenging. At Bliss Manor, not only do we provide women and children with a clean, safe and secure temporary home, but we also come alongside families with the hope they need to move forward. We provide services for children, resources for parents and help in creating a personalized goal plan that outlines concrete steps toward a better life.

Bliss Manor is Making a Difference

In 2015, our supported housing sheltered 42 adults and 37 children with 17,393 nights of safe and supportive living. Each and every woman (100 percent) who spent time at Bliss Manor developed her own goal plan with 78 percent of them going on to either secure permanent, private housing or to enter a treatment facility. Our staff provided 1,323 hours of individual case management or advocacy. We view all these milestones as major successes and good news for women and children looking for the chance to make a fresh start.

A Safe Home, a Fresh Start

By alleviating a woman’s most immediate concern – the need to provide a safe and stable home environment for herself and her kids – supported housing frees women up to address other pressing things. Most of the time women need to find steady employment. At Bliss Manor, we seek to enable women to find steady, satisfying work that will support their needs and the needs of their family. If that requires added education, we work with women to find ways to help that happen. If it means getting help with health issues, addiction issues or other obstacles, we look for available resources.

Victims of domestic abuse can find a new and better future. At the St. Joseph YWCA we believe in empowering women to be their very best. We believe in taking steps to help women in crisis so that they can begin anew. If you are a woman in crisis, don’t wait – come talk with us. If you’d like to be part of empowering women, we welcome your support in a variety of ways. Providing a safe home is a small gift that can make a huge difference.

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