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Help the YWCA of St. Joseph Provide Shelter to Women and Children

On Giving Tuesday, Consider a Gift to the St. Joseph YWCA

Giving TuesdayLove it or loathe it, everyone knows about the shopping craze on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday has become the best day for snagging a good online deal. While it can be exciting to grab a few discounted gifts at the start of the holiday shopping season, save part of your funds or a few hours of your free time to donate to the YWCA of St. Joseph on Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a movement that began via social media and has quickly reached global proportions. Across the world, people are finding that even the best shopping deal can’t match the satisfaction that comes from lending a hand, whether through a donation or some volunteer hours with an organization of their choice.

Giving Tuesday can happen on a grand scale, where your company staff, church group or school club works together at a nonprofit or collects a large donation. It can also happen on an individual level, where you volunteer to shelve a few canned goods at the local food bank or write a check to a particular group.

This Giving Tuesday, which falls on November 28, please consider donating your time or money to the YWCA of St. Joseph. Your gift supports the critical services that are offered to women and children in the community. Here are a few of the reasons why the YWCA is a great way to spend your Giving Tuesday dollars or volunteer hours:

  • The YWCA USA has been at the forefront of the most critical social movements for more than 150 years.
  • The YWCA of St. Joseph provides advocacy and programming in three important areas:
    • Racial justice and civil rights
    • Empowerment and economic advancement of women and girls
    • Health and safety of women and girls
  • Your donation makes an immediate impact.
    • Your $1,000 donation provides shelter, meals and counseling to a woman trying to build a new life for herself and her children for a full month
    • A $250 donation offers these benefits for a full week
  • Any donation of $100 or more qualifies for a 50 percent State of Missouri tax credit. If you donate $500, state and federal credits and resources will total $420, meaning that your donation is only $80 out of pocket, depending on your tax bracket.

Learn more about the YWCA of St. Joseph and the various programs we offer to women and children in the community. These include the Shelter for Abused and Homeless Women and Children, Rape Crisis Program, Bliss Manor Housing Program and 24-hour crisis hotline. Your donation on Giving Tuesday directly helps the women in our community that are working to build a new and better life.


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Learning to Offer Assistance Through Advocacy Training

Learning to Offer Assistance Through Advocacy Training

How Advocacy Training Can Make a Difference

We’ve all seen the news reports about a person (or persons) who intervened in a desperate situation and helped to save the lives of complete strangers. We’ve also seen reports of those who were public victims of violence and didn’t receive aid, even though there were witnesses on hand. What makes the difference? Usually, it’s a matter of the people on the sidelines feeling equipped to step in. At some point, it’s likely that you will be in a situation which will beg the question of whether or not to become personally involved. It’s at that point that advocacy training can lead you toward helping someone find the assistance and resources they need.

Empowered to Help

At the YWCA, we offer classes in Community Advocacy so that our friends and neighbors will feel empowered when they are confronted with that crucial decision. In most situations, it’s not that people don’t care about someone else’s plight – it’s usually a matter of feeling helpless to do anything that will make a difference. Taking a class in how to best serve the needs of others works to eliminate fear and puts tools in your hands to help someone.

A Personal Story

Not long ago we received a letter from a community member who had taken one of our Advocacy classes. This person saw a homeless woman lying in the street as she made her way into her place of employment. She asked the woman about her situation and learned that she had nowhere to go and had been physically abused by a boyfriend. One of the co-workers suggested the woman make her way to the Salvation Army, but the woman didn’t feel she could even make the walk.

The woman from the community then remembered that during her Community Advocacy training she had met one of our staff members – Carrie Turner – who could offer real help. The woman called Carrie and in less than an hour, Carrie was able to get there and render assistance. This woman wrote to us to let us know how good it felt to be able to do something rather than look the other way.

Community Advocacy Training

Being ready in an uncertain situation isn’t hard if you know how. In October, the YWCA will be offering classes in learning how to help every Monday and Wednesday evening (October 3-26). If you are interested in learning how to be a person that knows how to help in an unexpected situation, please contact Carrie Turner at or by calling her at 816-232-4481.

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