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YWCA St. Joseph: What a Gift Can Do

Your Gifts Make a Difference at YWCA St. Joseph!

Take a break from holiday shopping and learn what a gift can do for the YWCA St. Joseph.You’re tapped out on shopping. You’ve made too many Christmas cookies. Your fa-la-la-la-la has gone a bit flat. It’s time to do something for you. It’s not a manicure, a massage or a Hallmark movie marathon. It’s not even chocolate. It’s something bound to make you feel more refreshed than any or all of those things combined: it’s a gift to the YWCA St. Joseph.

It is so exciting to contribute to a cause that’s changing lives. Consider these new developments at YWCA St. Joseph:

Lethality Assessment Program: Through this joint program with local law enforcement, more than half of the 954 women assisted through Victim Services so far this year were new faces. Police officers are often the first formal contact for a woman seeking long-term escape from an abusive situation. By sending them to YWCA St. Joseph, the Shelter is able to serve 45 women and children each day. The Shelter is almost always full.

A refreshed kitchen: The Shelter kitchen provides more than 16,000 meals each year. Now through matched funds with a federal grant, the kitchen has a new refrigerator/freezer, stove and dishwasher. This purchase, as well as critical advocacy, case management and counseling services to victims, could not have been possible without the $155,000 in matched funds received from private donors.

It’s not just big programs: Much of the giving that occurs at YWCA St. Joseph isn’t for big programs or for purchasing appliances. Most of it contributes toward the everyday needs of our clients. Consider how your donation might help:

  • Your gift of $35 keeps a woman and her children safe at the Shelter for one night
  • $100 provides professional advocacy and counseling services to help a woman identify her options and plan for a new beginning
  • $500 allows a woman and her children to have shelter and safety for two weeks while they make plans for next steps
  • A gift of $1,000 allows a family to have a full month of shelter so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Keep in mind that your donation of $100 or more is eligible for a 50% Missouri State tax credit. This donation is deducted directly from your Missouri taxes owed, even if you don’t itemize deductions.

If you find the holidays to be just a bit exhausting, then it’s time to do something for you, something that’s sure to boost your mood and give you energy for the tasks on your list  It feels good to know you’re making a difference in the lives of women and children in your community. Contact us for more information.

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Thank You for Supporting Our Mission at the YWCA

Thank You for Supporting Our Mission at the YWCA

Your Gifts to the YWCA Create Hope on a Daily Basis

“This time was different. I made a decision, and I decided I had to make a change in my life. I am so happy of where I am today.”

“I finally put myself through counseling, after telling myself that I didn’t need it. Carrie managed to convince me that I did, and she was right. After counseling, I felt a lot better about my situation and where I was. Every day is still really hard, but I’m learning to deal. And every time I need her, Carrie is there — just a phone call away.”

Our mission at the YWCA is to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen communities. Your service, attendance, advocacy and gifts help keep doors to our services open all year long. We’d like to share with you how your dollars are spent and the importance of giving to the YWCA.

Your dollars go toward providing safe, cost-free housing to women and children in crisis.
The doors to our shelter are open all day, every day. We provide women and children with a way out of domestic violence. We offer short-term and longer-term housing depending upon the individual need. One night of shelter for a mom and kids costs $35. Two weeks of housing will cost approximately $500. On any given day we are typically providing safe haven for 46 women and children.

Your dollars also go toward providing a 24-hour hotline where anyone can call and receive counsel for themselves or loved ones. The hope which comes with knowing that you are not alone and that others are there for you is priceless. Community donations make it possible for us to share that hope day-in and day-out.

Dollars also go toward victim advocacy services.
Many times women have no idea what their next step should be. They don’t know what resources are available to them. Professional counseling and advocacy services are an important step in rebuilding a life. We offer these services on a daily basis.
Every donation opens a new door to hope for a woman and her children who depend on the YWCA – and every donation of $100 or more receives a 50 percent State tax credit. This means that 50 percent of your donation is deducted directly from your State taxes owed.

We thank you for standing with us in accomplishing our mission every day of the year … and for helping us create a path toward hope.


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