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Domestic Violence Survivors Gain Valuable Support at YWCA

YWCA St. Joseph Working to Assist Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence impacts 20 people per minute in the United States. YWCA St. Joseph is making it a priority to help those affected by domestic violence.Approximately 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. That’s more than 10 million people per year affected by physical and mental abuse, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) fact sheet.

In Missouri, NCADV’s numbers reveal that in 2012, more than 40,000 incidents of domestic violence were reported; one in seven Missouri women have been sexually abused; nearly 35,000 people in Missouri in 2014 received domestic violence services. The need for services continues to be important for communities to address.

At YWCA St. Joseph, it is a priority for us to assist these people, particularly women and children who need the survivor support our knowledgeable staff provides through a variety of programs and our 24/7/365 shelter in downtown St. Joseph.

As victims transition out of the shelter, getting on a path to self-sufficiency can be difficult. To make that transition less daunting, the YWCA St. Joseph offers continued support through Bliss Manor, which serves as a bridge between emergency situations and stability.

Bliss Manor allows families the opportunity to not only get on the path to stability but also seek out employment opportunities that will make them self-sufficient and reach their life goals.

In 2017, Bliss Manor supported housing served 39 adults and 32 children. We provided more than 15,000 nights of housing and 1,603 hours of case management/advocacy. All of the residents created a personal goal plan and 94% of our individuals who exited the program obtained private permanent housing or entered a treatment facility.

We have also provided services through our Survivor Support mobile advocacy services, which provides safety planning and support services in emergency rooms and courthouses where victims are often vulnerable in their efforts to flee from a domestically violent situation. Specifically, the program helps them overcome financial barriers to safety, such as rent and utilities. Furthermore, we provide licensed, professional counselors who offer much-needed therapy that victims need to heal.

The following are some statistics from our shelter from 2017:

  • Provided 16,880 nights of shelter
  • Answered 2,102 hotline calls
  • Averaged 46 people per day
  • Coordinated 104 children’s groups
  • Coordinated 79 support and life skills groups
  • Reached a 103% occupancy rate
  • Provided 2,102 hours of case management

As we begin a New Year, YWCA St. Joseph will continue to make great efforts to support the people in our community who are at risk, have been subjected to domestic violence and need a helping hand in a time of great need.

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